The Adequate Commoner

Survive and Thrive as the Class Everyone Expects to Die Horribly
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Design Notes

This collection of essays serves as the ‘commentary track’ for the smash hit Salt in Wounds Setting and features advice, insight, and a fresh look behind the screen of a professional writer and game designer. Whether you’re a player looking for a new perspective, a GM aiming to build richer worlds, or a hobbyist game designer/writer striving to make the leap towards being a professional: there’s something in Design Notes for everyone.

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The Adequate Commoner (Misfit Studios) – Author
You’re Gonna Die Screaming (Misfit Studios) – Author
Bite Me: A Guide to Playing Lycanthropes (Misfit Studios) – Contributor
Monster Hunters RPG: Samhain (The Avalon Game Company) – Contributor
Monster Hunters RPG: Dark Europe (The Avalon Game Company) – Contributor
Monster Hunters RPG (The Avalon Game Company) – Contributor
Monster Hunters RPG: A Guide to Vampires (The Avalon Game Company) – Author
Monster Hunters RPG: Sins of the Father (The Avalon Game Company) – Contributor


The Adequate Adventurer – Low class and no class play options for Pathfinder and other RPGs.
The City of Salt in Wounds – The system agnostic city fueled by the perpetual butchery of an unkillable regenerating giant monster.
Tribality – A collection of gaming tools, research, news and other fun stuff.



I created a custom party/signing game for The Odds novel written by Robert J. Peterson and published by California Coldblood.

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