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CHEMO: How I Learned to Kill is my Badass Action-Horror novel that’s been published, podcasted, adapted, and kickstarted! And now it’s your turn to get a copy.

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‘With Tooth and Nail, with Gun and Blade I’ve come.’ So begins the 8th battle Hymn, a biofeedback device Agent Joseph recites daily. As the newest recruit Joseph and his fellow agents fight ‘cancers of the body of mankind:’ everything from insane telekinetics to memetic pathogens to a lovecraftian abomination budding in the deepest, blackest trench of the Pacific ocean.

Through every mission he will rely on his conditioning, his growing ruthlessness and the support and guidance of the man who saved his life – Master Agent Burke. But when Burke is forcibly inducted into the all-as-one hive mind, Joseph -and the organization he reluctantly serves- will have to face the most dangerous enemy yet.

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You can download artwork here.

I owe a ton of people the associated artwork and music. Check out the full attribution/credits page.

Previous Publication:

There are podcast versions of  CHEMO: The Condemned and CHEMO: The Town of Golden Woods (The story starts at about the 22 minute mark) via the awesome team of the Dunesteef audio fiction magazine. Also, Julie at 19 Nocturne Boulevard did a radio play adaptation of CHEMO: The Town of Golden Woods.


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