On Selfies

For the past month, as a practice, I’ve been posting more pictures of myself on my various social networks. Many aren’t technically selfies as I’ve enjoyed the assistance of my awesome photographer wife. But even so, the spirit of the selfie remains: I’m taking a moment to celebrate + share my look, or my happiness, or what I’m up to. And while it’s not ultimately why I do it, I’ve enjoyed the likes/compliments of friends and acquaintances and occasionally strangers. However, I’ve been Continue reading

Comic-Con and the Better Version of Me

A few months back, I attended comic-con, which I’ve been doing for years. This year was interesting and difficult because 1) Lauren and I had to wrangle our daughter and 2) It was my first year attending as a professional. There was little chance for sleep, especially as -having Ellie was taken by grandma for the first time in months- I got a chance to party, and spend a couple days with Lauren.

I loved it.

The thing Continue reading