Salt in Wounds Kickstarter

I launched a Kickstarter for my Campaign Setting ‘The City of Salt in Wounds’ last week. It’s currently 460% percent funded (ie, it’s raised over $23000 dollars) and in the words of one blogger is ‘Smashing through Stretch Goals like a Tarrasque smashes through a first level party.’ Holy crap, this is awesome.



Some stuff related to the Kickstarter that I haven’t posted here:

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On Selfies

For the past month, as a practice, I’ve been posting more pictures of myself on my various social networks. Many aren’t technically selfies as I’ve enjoyed the assistance of my awesome photographer wife. But even so, the spirit of the selfie remains: I’m taking a moment to celebrate + share my look, or my happiness, or what I’m up to. And while it’s not ultimately why I do it, I’ve enjoyed the likes/compliments of friends and acquaintances and occasionally strangers. However, I’ve been Continue reading