The Odds Xiang (Special) Tournament – Signing Game


The Odds is a kickass post-apocalyptic action-comedy book by writer Robert Peterson. One of the plot elements for the book is a Xiang-Shi tournament, a modified chess tournament wherein real life combatants battle out the moves with piece ‘power’ being reflected in weapon availability and advanced warning. I was recently hired by publisher California Coldblood to produce a special game to go along with the book signing, and what I came up with was the Xiang Special Tournament game.

We got the play it during a recent signing of the Odds and had a lot of fun! The game is unbalanced as all get out (to better reflect the plot of the book) rules are fairly simple, easily modifiable, and the entire game can be explained and played inside 20 minutes.

I’ve included download links for the rules and the beautifully designed piece ‘cards.’ Hope you enjoy, and be sure to buy a copy of The Odds by Robert Peterson.

Xiang Special Tournament Rules Download

Xiang Special Tournament Piece Cards

Gaming Writing 10.2.14

This has been a heck of a week. My Kickstarter campaign to fund my gaming sourcebook ‘The Adequate Commoner’ launched last Wednesday and is now fully funded.

My related pay-what-you-want title ‘You’re Gonna Die Screaming’ is doing quite well for itself and is currently #5 on the hottest title list over at RPGnow.

A play and strategy guide to commoners in Pathfinder.

A play and strategy guide to commoners in Pathfinder.


Also, two great titles that I’m a contributor on –Monster Hunters: Dark Europe and Monster Hunters RPG– are also trending as hottest titles on RPG now. (I’ll have a more full write up of the titles soon.)

Basically, it’s been a pretty freaking great week to be a writer.