A Playground discussion

Starring Distracted Dad & Very Nice Mom

[After discussing where John lives and how often he frequents the park]

Woman: So are you a full time Dad?

John: No, I work when she’s asleep.

Woman: What kind of work do you do?

[John attempts to refocus on the conversation while stopping his daughter from ripping out a 9 month old’s eye as she seems keen on recreating the fight between the Bride and Elle Driver from Kill Bill 2.]

John: I’m Continue reading

New Gaming Websites

I’ve included sidelinks, but figured I should make a post about the two new gaming websites I’m working on.

bazaar (2)

On the Salt in Wounds Setting website I’m writing weekly additions about the fantasy metropolis fueled by centuries of butchery of an unkillable regenerating giant monster. Would anyone want to live there? Heck no! But it’s a fun place to game.


On the Adequate Adventurer website there’s additional adequate commoner material that didn’t make the book, fan contributions, fiction, and information about the other upcoming Adequate Adventurer books; all of which are focused on having a great time playing low powered options and characters.

The Odds Xiang (Special) Tournament – Signing Game


The Odds is a kickass post-apocalyptic action-comedy book by writer Robert Peterson. One of the plot elements for the book is a Xiang-Shi tournament, a modified chess tournament wherein real life combatants battle out the moves with piece ‘power’ being reflected in weapon availability and advanced warning. I was recently hired by publisher California Coldblood to produce a special game to go along with the book signing, and what I came up with was the Xiang Special Tournament game.

We got the play it during a recent signing of the Odds and had a lot of fun! The game is unbalanced as all get out (to better reflect the plot of the book) rules are fairly simple, easily modifiable, and the entire game can be explained and played inside 20 minutes.

I’ve included download links for the rules and the beautifully designed piece ‘cards.’ Hope you enjoy, and be sure to buy a copy of The Odds by Robert Peterson.

Xiang Special Tournament Rules Download

Xiang Special Tournament Piece Cards