This Year’s Short Fiction

It’s been a big year. I normally keep my list of short fiction up to date here but at the request of a friend I wanted to record what’s been happening this year as far as short fiction goes.

What’s Been Published this Year

Bloom – Literary Hatchet vol 8

Underneath – Fear’s Accomplice

Sponsor – Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem

In the Absence – The Girl at the End of the World

SocialScene Alert! – To the Best of Our Knowledge

Earth Day – Stupefying Stories Showcase


Dr. Genocide and the Five Stages of Grief (Republish) – We Were Heroes

In the Defense of Mummies (Republish) – Mad Science Journal

Dreaming of Honey – Blight Digest

I Reach Behind My Utility Belt for My Tools: Garrotte, K-Bar, Glock – Black Denim Lit

Field Exercise – The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

Worlds Weary – The Good Fight: Super Hero Monster Hunters