Active Bystander


Recently, I’ve undergone a bunch of active bystander training and it’s fundamentally changed how I move through the world. Part of this is coming from re-certifying for CPR & first aid, part of this is because Lauren now teaches classes classes about the subject.

In case you didn’t know, an active bystander is defined as ‘someone who not only witnesses a situation, but takes steps to speak up or step in to keep a situation from escalating or to disrupt a problematic situation.’

The basic model is, if you notice a ‘situation’ that is wrong, or might be wrong/dangerous (harassment, dangerous behavior, discrimination, et al) you asses to see and offer what kind of help -if any- might be appropriate and safe. This ‘help’ can range from changing body position to stand along someone, to using humor, to saying ‘I don’t like what you’re doing,’ to offering to summon police/authority. For me, the most important aspect of this is not that I’m necessarily going to ‘solve’ things, but that I am more actively combatting my human biases of defused responsibility, that I am not -via silence/inaction- implying that I/society is supportive of shitty, unsafe behavior. It is training to act, to use what tools I have to try and have improved outcomes for everyone which is forever tempered by the fact that I’m not world police and I often don’t know what’s going on if is ok. But my judgement about when and how I can best help improves with practice.

There’s a pretty good summary of the active bystander concept (as well as information about the tools/techniques used) here but I wanted to discuss some examples of what this has looked like/felt like in my life.

  1. Domestic Dispute while Out with My Daughter

Some months back, I was walking with my daughter home from the park, and while a man was getting in his car a woman was marching away down a nearby alley, flipped him off, and yelled something about Continue reading

The 5 Steps of Minimum Prep GMing

I was recently given a challenge. The GM for my regular 5th Edition game session was taking a break, and I offered to run a one shot. I ended up having less than 24 hours to prepare and needed to make use of the same characters and world we’d been playing in (in addition to looping in the GM’s character, a pact of the book warlock styled after a lovecraftian ‘mad scholar’). Due to family and job obligations, I had -effectively- 2 hours to try and get everything set and ready. The session went great, everyone had a blast, and I thought I’d share my methodology for getting this done.

To Module or not to Module?

The simplest solution would simply to have been to Continue reading

On Radical Inclusion

In a lot of my communities, either explicitly or implicitly, the concept of ‘radical inclusion’ comes up.

For burners, it’s a stated value. For geeks, it’s something that isn’t said so much as felt (although this feels increasingly untrue as geekery goes mainstream and there’s so much more policing against ‘fake’ geeks). And, people I know question what does radical inclusion mean, who can you include, and what behaviors make it imperative that you exclude someone?

This is an excellent question to bring up and a bit of a third rail amongst my friends. That is, I think this is something lots of people are trying to figure out (I know I certainly am).

For me, virtues and values inevitably point to a tension, point to a dialectic and a dialogue. I’ve become enamored recently with the concept that ‘wholeness as holiness’ and I think values have to be perpetually rebalanced with one another Continue reading

Corruption of the Tarrasque: Mutation Supplement Available for Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting

monsters, mutations, tarrasque, dnd dungeons & dragons, pathfinder

Now available for sale. In the Corruption of the Tarrasque: Mutation Supplement you’ll find a new aspect of the legendary monster to threaten or empower PCs: via the corrupting influence of its mutagenic blood! While designed specifically for the Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting, this supplement adds options for any game where the Tarrasque has bled or some equivalent taint mars the land. This booklet includes:

  • Rules on Tarrasque-Fed Mutations.
  • Brand new fiction.
  • Alchemical Services to induce or remove mutations.
  • 20 new Mutations for PCs and Monsters alike ranging from beneficial ‘Favored’ Mutations to debilitating (or even deadly) ‘Blighted Mutations.
  • The Tarrasque-Transformed monster template which can transform even a lowly cur into a deadly miniature avatar of the Tarrasque.
  • A brand new Sorcerous Origin: Primordial Bloodline which empowers sorcerers with the uncorrupted essence of the Primordials to create and transform the world and even magic itself.

Whether you’re a GM or a PC there’s options and lore to help flesh out your creations and get into the game. Note: this purchase includes two pdfs one for the Pathfinder ruleset and one for the 5th Edition rules of the World’s Oldest RPG.